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Admission Advisory11 Jul 2023 16:05:09 PMView Document
Admission Notice 2023-2414 Jun 2023 19:00:31 PMView Document
Admission Time-lines11 Jul 2023 09:25:14 AMView Document
Closure of Admissions under special drive and Major/Minor subject change04 Aug 2023 19:45:34 PMView Document
Extension of date for application to UG programmes 28 Jun 2023 20:10:20 PMView Document
Govt. Model College Admission Notice07 Aug 2023 21:05:27 PMView Document
Guidelines for Spot Admissions for UG programme21 Jul 2023 21:55:08 PMView Document
Notice for admission extension with conditions26 Sep 2023 19:15:26 PMView Document
Notice for Admission timeline extension (final)26 Sep 2023 19:10:28 PMView Document
Notice for Applications for Spot Admissions21 Jul 2023 21:50:39 PMView Document
Notice for Multiple Programme Applications 27 Jun 2023 13:00:23 PMView Document
Notice of providing editing options for submitted applications.18 Jun 2023 00:30:16 AMView Document
Notice regarding extension of admission on Samarth19 Sep 2023 18:05:00 PMView Document
Notice regarding Final round of admission19 Sep 2023 17:50:16 PMView Document
Student Advisory notice in connection with Admission helpdesk for UG Admissions18 Jun 2023 00:15:19 AMView Document
UG Admissions Special Drive26 Jul 2023 00:55:14 AMView Document
UG Admissions through Assam Higher Education Admission portal18 Jun 2023 00:20:23 AMView Document